When starting to renovate your home there is a space that must not be forgotten – the garage.

Your garage may only be thought of as storage. However, you can make it into much more than you realize. 

It could be a place of work, reflection, and transition and therefore, should no longer be treated as an afterthought! The garage is a space that is every bit as deserving in your future renovations as your bathroom or kitchen, trust us!

Luxury garages are becoming popular with our renovation clients -especially men. They want to enjoy these spaces as part of their home!

It is important as you go through your design process, that your garage is part of the master plan. A garage can be more than a place to store miscellaneous objects, and vehicles. For our Cochrane renovation project – Bearspaw Summit, it was important for the garage to serve as a practical space that could be both garage, and additional living quarters for guests.

The Guest Quarters

The garage and guest quarters are connected to the main house through a large long hallway. This threshold keeps an open connection between the two distinct spaces allowing for the feeling of privacy and union.

By extending the polished concrete floors and wood ceiling from the garage through to the hallway, we created a gradual transition, connecting the separate spaces. Through means of glazing and timber framing detailing, this threshold breaks the barrier of interior and exterior, giving the feeling of still being connected to the outdoors as you enter the home!

The Garage Extension

Once in the garage extension, there are three clearly defined spaces. While keeping the open concept feeling, we made sure to use the interior glazing to crossover the materials between the spaces.

Natural wood paired with contrasting metals, depicts the connection between living space and the industrial nature of the automobile and lower garage. In this garage, we were able to create an overhead living space that supports both style and functional living. The upper guest quarters is a full open concept, equipped with a kitchenette, full bath, spacious living room and bedroom area. Allowing for guests to truly feel at home with their own personal, stylish living space.

As for the garage space itself, it is home to the client’s most prized possessions. Interior windows and glazed doors allow for the space to be more open.

This openness creates an opportunity for the client’s possessions to be on proper display. As well as placing the memorabilia items in picture frames, each item is then granted purpose and a unique space of its own.

By giving attention to this garage renovation the result is a spectacular contemporary space. It functions as extra living quarters, stunning entry to the home, and galley for the clients prized possessions. This home renovation turned this garage into a livable solution.

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