At Woolrich Group, we offer a lot more than your average renovation company.

We provide everything you need to design and recreate your home, from start to finish. Our goal is to create a seamless experience for your home renovation. As a design-build firm, we bring all the experts together under one roof, providing solutions from the outset and smooth out the overall process from start to completion

Take a look below at some of the additional services we offer:


Detailed 3D Renderings

Before starting your renovation, we can create an architectural 3D Rendering of your space, showing you what the final product will look like. Our 3D renderings aren’t just sketches, but give you a realistic view into your space before the work has even started.

Professional Organizing Services

What is a redesigned home, without the added storage and organization to go with it? Clutter can distract from the beauty of your home, not to mention the functionality. With the help of Calm Order, We can help transform your homes appearance, as well as provide you with a much more organized space that will work for you and your lifestyle!

Custom Furniture Design and Construction

At Woolrich Group, we always go the extra mile to make our renovations completely seamless. This even includes the option of custom furniture. We can design and create pieces that seamlessly integrate with your space.

Custom Draperies and Blinds

We think of all the details – even down to your draperies and blinds. Every detail counts when it comes to designing your perfect space.

Moving Services

Designing your perfect space before moving in? We can help arrange to get your things from point A to point B, then help you unpack in your new space. Take the stress out of moving, and let us take care of the logistics!

Arranging for Accommodations During Renos

Sometimes the biggest stress during a renovation, is living in the space while the renovations are taking place. We can help you find accommodations in the mean time, to take the pressure off, and allow you to enjoy the process! 

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