Congratulations, you’ve finished your renovation and your contractor  just handed you back the keys to your home… now what? How do you transform your beautifully renovated house into your home? More importantly, how do you decorate it while staying true to your design aesthetic and balancing real life mess and just ‘stuff’? Firstly, it is a common misconception that your designer will try to get rid of all your existing pieces; it’s actually about incorporating the pieces that are personal and have special meaning to you, and fitting them into the design story of your new home. Artwork, photographs and certain decor objects are an important visual layer, and every client has pieces that they own and love. Oftentimes these cherished pieces can be incorporated into the new space — and designers know how important it is to try and find a home for them. If they don’t fit the design aesthetic, sometimes all it takes is reprinting photographs in black and white or reframing artwork to give it a breath of fresh air and make it look new again so it can be incorporated into your refreshed space.

While there are things you must keep, chances are that after spending all this money on renovating your space, you’re going to want to update certain pieces in your home to create a coherent design and make the space feel fresh and new. Furniture is one of the most important aspects of your newly renovated home because furniture is what you’ll sit on, work at, and use on a daily basis. Investing in great furniture with a variety of textures can make or break the success of your renovation. Furniture is the first thing you and your guests will notice about the space and is what leaves a lasting impression. Buying quality, timeless pieces ensures you will love your new home for many years to come.

There are certain layers of a home which are universally acknowledged as being “must-haves”. Almost every designer will tell you to add greenery because plants have a way of visually lifting a space, introducing a punch of colour, and adding charm that is hard to get from other items. Plant life also betters air quality and has been proven to lift spirits — perfect for those long Canadian winter months where outdoor exposure is limited. A home renovation isn’t just about the finishes you selected months ago; it’s about the pieces with a personal touch that come together to compliment the space and add essences of your family, making your house feel like a home.