Developing structural concepts for your interior + exterior.


Your space: ReDeveloped

We’re making it easier for homeowners to see ideas and possibilities take shape by offering another key professional service: Architecture.   Senior Architect Rodolfo Macias will help turn concepts into spaces that are practical, feasible and gorgeous.  Specializing in both exterior and interiors, we manage additions and new structures from start to finish.


Make the most of our existing footprint while re-inspiring a tired, 40-year-old building. *Note:  We’re the client – aka very fussy and practical. 


An exterior that fixes our structural issues while giving us a facelift.  And an interior that makes better use of our space.

At Woolrich, we believe in the power of collaboration. After all, this is YOUR home. We want you to love the final product, and be happy with your long-term investment into your space.
Ask us more about the process of working with our Architect for your home, and how we can create your dream space by contacting us below.


Built a cool, functional and updated garage space that has multiple uses.


Our architect Rodolfo has created this beautiful variation (just look at the detail, down to the leaves on the ground) which is inspired by modern Farmhouse/Contemporary.
Not only is it beautiful – but also functional. It includes:
*one large wash bay
*storage space for a boat and/or motorhome
*a small shop/storage area for luxury cars on the main floor
* PLUS Second floor has a viewing space to below – hang out/games area with great light to enjoy with friends…..or where the teenagers can do to practice with their band.