Moving Services


We are here to help you with everything, down to the logistics. 

Moving Services

Your stuff: Re-Assigned

Designing your perfect space before moving in?
We can help arrange to get your things from point A to point B after your renovations are complete. We understand there is a lot to take on during the renovation process. Take the stress out of moving, and let us take care of the logistics.
With the help of our trusted partner – Calm Order, we can help your move go seamlessly from start to finish.



Calm Order offers a full or partial packing and organizing services to assist you in getting ready for your renovation. They help you with the sorting and separation of keep, donate & sell items while they strategically pack, organize & categorize your belongings saving time on your unpack.


Calm Order has an expertise is in the transitioning of your belongings from old storage systems to new improved systems and spaces. They are often found collaborating with designers and builders (and us at Woolrich Group) to create the most efficient storage solutions to match your belongings for your new space.


The most popular service for Calm Order! On move-in day, they arrive with a personalized unpack plan, a professional organizing team, and all the necessary tools and supplies needed to transform a box-filled house, into an organized live in ready home.

They work to ensure you are “wowed” at the end of move-in day; every belonging is positioned and stored in the perfect spot, with tailored organization systems incorporated to support the way you intend to live, work and play in your new home!

Want to learn more about Calm Order? Take a look at their website below to learn more over their Moving Services.
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