Sometimes, you just need a little update to make your space feel fresh and new!  You can get a little “freshen up” without changing your whole space or breaking the bank.

Here are some of our our tips to liven up your current space:


A new area rug can add a new warmth and depth to a space!

With a movement towards the raw and natural, we like to suggest jutes and patterned wool area rugs. They are classy and natural and fit with almost every aesthetic. With so many great finds on carpets, you do not have to break the bank!


Here is where we would suggest looking for a new area rug:
Home Sense ( yes, we LOVE this place) – You just need to go often and have your dimensionoptions and paint colours in your hand and you will find the perfect carpet! The downfall is that you may need to do a few trips!
Wayfair – With so much selection, there are some great finds to be had from Wayfair! Be prepared to compare the reviews before placing your order, and be ready to order more than you need, and return the rest!
Urban Barn/Crate and Barrel, Pottery Barn – Although these options are a little pricier, all of these places have some great options that come inmultiple sizes.



Almost everyone has a big wall that they just don’t know what to do with, right?

A mirror can fill the space with visual interest, texture and play with the light! When you use an oversized mirror, it adds the depth that a flat wall just cannot do. Just make sure to check what the mirror might be reflecting to enhance the space the best! 



A large wall, stairwell (or below from Elle Decor, a corner) is the perfect place to display family photos and other sentimental items. Don’t be afraid to start the collage, just start in the middle and work outwards (and be creative)!

You can find box sets of frames on websites like Wayfair and Amazon or by making another trip to Homesense or Michaels. (especially when the 1/2 price frame sales are on)!


In one weekend, you can completely change the whole feeling of a space. All it takes is a fresh coat of a paint.

Some of our favourite colours come from Benjamin Moore include:

Bleeker Beige

Revere Pewter

Fog Mist

Ballet White


Iron Mountain.


Textiles are the finishing layers of any space. Custom draperies and pillows can be expensive, but the investment. The right fabrics add warmth, texture and a feeling of completeness!

If you do not have the budget to spend on custom draperies, you can always start with stationary panels to flank the windows.

Pillows don’t need to match perfectly, if they are within the same colour scheme, you can have fun with mixing and matching patterns and textures!

Pro tip: The best cushions need to be overstuffed and down filled! You can purchase any cushion cover you want with zippers and order down inserts either online or find at places like Ikea, and make it luxurious just by replacing the insert with a fluffy down-filled version — just make sure the insert is one size larger than the cushion cover.

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