Yep, we are now a one-stop-shop. Woolrich now has the Golden trifecta. Meaning, we now can do everything in house – from planning, design and the execution. If we weren’t doing everything already, we have now added an amazing exterior designer to our team and will be executing some incredible projects in the near future. We are now the only firm in Cochrane that has an exterior designer on our team!

So, why hire a firm that has everything in one? We wanted to outline a few of our top reasons why you should hire Woolrich Group for your next project:


We see the Big Picture

With everything in house, we are able to see the big picture. Taking your dreams and needs into account, we will able to execute a plan to see what needs to be done in order to get the end result. With our firm executing the project, as well as overseeing it, we are able to see the big picture and ensure it all turns out the way it’s supposed to!

No project is too big – or too small

From re-doing those scratched up floors, to adding a home addition above your garage – everything can be done by Woolrich Group! A common misconception we get, would be that you have to have a HUGE renovation to go through our team – and that couldn’t be further from the truth! We take on a lot of projects, big and small. Since we have the team to do just about every project, we can be your first and only point of contact for any project!

Your Details don’t get lost in Translation

If you are hiring multiple companies to get the project done, details can get lost. With Woolrich group, our team works together to make sure everything stays correct from start to finish. The details will stay in tact, down to each finishing touch.

Seamless from Start to Finish

Say goodbye to big hassles, unforeseen circumstances and big errors made by contractors. Working together as a team, allows us to be more aware of all the obstacles that come our way, so we can manage them in house. Hiring a firm that has everything you need to execute a full home build, addition or renovation – gives us the ability to execute projects relatively seamlessly.

We can save you Time and Money

Thinking of hiring a bunch of different firms to execute a project? Not only will the added cost be overwhelming, but also the time required to communicate between each element will be as time consuming as the project itself. If you hire a firm who communicates together as a team, you can eliminate the extra time on yourself, and the added cost that the project can drain from your account.


Are you ready to dive into creating your dream home? A home that is more suited to your taste, needs and lifestyle? Contact us to chat and start the process!

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